Saturday, August 19, 2017

Common mistakes in CV of all Pharma Employees - Check your CV

We received many CV on daily basis, On average a recruiter give only 5- 10 sec to one cv. most of time you miss the job opportunity just because of your CV. so If you wish to get the job your CV must be good, CV is the mirror of your work  so check Do and don’ts while preparing your CV

Do & Don’ts
Ø  Grammar Mistakes: Grammar is the most common problem found in most of the resumes. How to fix this problem? Send your resume to some expert or your senior, friends and ask for a feedback and checking spelling mistakes twice before sending your resume to any company.

Ø  Candidate has an inappropriate, nonprofessional -sounding email address:  Email address must be sound like professional always avoid funky mail id like E.g. luv@gmail,com,

Ø  CV Printed on decorative paper: Never print your CV on Decorative Paper

Ø  CV missing information:  Your CV must have all required Information like work competency, Qualification , Valid Mobile Number and email ID etc

Ø  Too Lengthy or Too Short The most received complaint from a recruiter – the resume is too lengthy or too short. If you want an ideal resume, make sure that it contains not more than 2 pages. If you are a Ph.D or have number of publications then you can go for 3 pages.
Ø  Different fonts and text sizes:  Always avoid different font, and font size, it looks like non- professional. You need to keep your resume simple as well as professional. For heading and sub-heading, bold and underline is acceptable but make sure the font you use is completely professional

Ø  Customize your Resume as per job description: Randomly applying for jobs and later feeling that no recruiter is calling you for an interview. HR team is very specific about the candidates they want to recruit. So, customize your resume as per the job description given by the employer. DON”T APPLY IF JOB DESCRIPTION DOESN’T SUITES YOUR PROFILE. Before applying, make sure you edit your CV depending on job role so that your candidature looks relevant in your application.

Ø  Spelling Mistake: Please don’t rely on spelling checker, Don’t forget that your CV is your reflection. If you commit mistakes (even small), the recruiter might think that you are a careless person. It may harm your chances of getting your dream job.

Ø  Photo’s: If you are applying for a job in pharma industry or clinical research, no need to put your photo. Photo in CV is required if you are applying for a acting job or modelling job.

Ø  Never Lie about your experience: Now a days, recruiters are using third party verification and technology. So if you lie, you cannot escape. Be honest – that’s the only key.

Ø  Salary Details: Don’t include details about your salary in your CV or cover letter. This will look very unprofessional to recruiter and they might not consider your CV for the particular job.
Must follow above mentioned suggestions and increase your chance of getting your dream job. 

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