Physicochemical and Bacteriological Analysis of Drinking Water Samples from Urban Area of Patna District, Bihar, India

Sushil Kumar Singh1, Manish Kumar Kanth2*, Dhirendra Kumar3, Rishikesh Raj4, Abhijeet Kashyap4, Pranav Kumar Jha4, Ashutosh Anand4, Kumari Puja4, Suman Kumari4, Yusuf Ali4, Ram Shiv Lokesh4, Shivam Kumar4
1Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, India
2Faculty, Dept. of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, India
3Research Scholar, Dept. of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, Bihar, India
4Student, Dept. of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, India
 *Address for Correspondence: Mr. Manish Kumar Kanth, Faculty, Department of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, Bihar- 800013, India

ABSTRACT- This study is a comparative analysis of physicochemical and bacteriological quality of drinking water intake in urban area of Patna District, Bihar state. A total of 68 drinking water samples randomly collected from 41 hand pumps, 14 municipal supply tap, 11 boring water and 2 well from 15 different locations of urban area of Patna District. Samples were collected aseptically in 60ml sterile plastic container for bacteriological and in 1 liter sterile plastic bottle for physicochemical parameter like pH, Total Hardness, Dissolved Oxygen, Biological Oxygen Demand, etc and compared with BIS (IS -10500). MPN test was applied to detect the presence of coliform in the drinking water samples. The total coliform count was detected in 57 out of 68 water samples. Most of the water samples were shown compromising physicochemical parameters. Total hardness (TH) is above the permissible limits detected in 60 out of 68 samples. Dissolved oxygen (D.O.) was also recorded below the standard for most of the samples .This results indicate that drinking water is highly in jeopardy to bacterial contamination. Construction of septic tanks near with boring and drinking water supply line short distance between water supply network and swage supply line poor constructed well head, cross contamination with waste water, Leakage in pipe line are the main cause of water  contamination.
Key-words- Drinking water, MPN count, Coliforms, Physico-chemical analysis, Bacterial, D.O., B.O.D., pH

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