Sunday, December 24, 2017

What forcing Employees to do Non cGMP work?

*What forcing Employees to do Non cGMP work?*

Today cGMP, data integrity , non compliance and data fraud is a major issues in Pharma .

There are so many factors responsible for non GMP let's discuss them.

1. Lack of competent staff

2. Less Manpower

3. Extended working hours as many companies have 10 to 12 hrs shifts and over time

4. More traveling time for up and down as plants are situated
40 - 50 km away from city.

5. Low salaries to entry level employees .

6.lack of training

7. Excessive work load and less time given to QC for analysis.

8. Seniors and Management do not calculate the infrastructure and manpower required as per capacity.

9. Corrupt Regulatory.

10. Poor plant  machinery and

 11. Not ready to adopt as per         current guidelines.

12. Unhealthy work environment and harassment at work place.

 13. Insecureness of Job

  14. Due to extended working hours difficult to maintain work -home balance and employees are always  under pressure.

15. Poor promotion Policy and wages .

 16. Non competent seniors and there behaviour.

17. Non professional promoters there greediness and there foolish advisors.
18. Gender discrimination at work place.
19. Groupism in company  

 These are the few examples which force employees to do non GMP in plants.

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