Tips: How to send Email for job profile

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How to send Email for Job profile

1. Send CV to recruitment team only on weekdays between 10 am to 5 pm. 80% people send CV whenever they receive job opening post which is wrong, if you have recived job notification outside working hour wait till working hour start.

When you send CV in non working Hrs / non working days, they get stacked at bottom and you never know when your CV get skipped.

Human tendency is to priorities latest mails and last night mails may get marked as Read. So send CV when recruitment team is actively


2. Always use PDF format for sharing Resume and name of that PDF file should contains below details. YourName_YourPost_Experience_your domain_your degree.

For example: * Bhardwaj_Assistant Manager Experience 9 years_PV_M.Pharma

3. Specify important info in subject line send CV with subject line as

Applying for Role_expecince_your degree_JobCode - Last Working Day/Notice Period

Example -

Applying for Manager 9 year PV experience_M.Pharma_Job code -1234- NP 30Days

5. Please specify below details in email body

- Mention post that you applying for and also mention your experience and relevant experience to the post you're applying.

-Keep the email body short and crispy.

See how small things can make huge difference.

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