Salary negotiation with HR

Pharma Vacancy
While in an INTERVIEW...

HR: "What's your salary expectation

Candidate: 12 LPA.

HR: You are the best-fit for the role but I'm afraid we can't afford you.

Candidate: Okay. I am in dire need of Job. 10 LPA would be fine.

HR: Great. Lets close on 9 LPA.

Candidate, Sadly: OK. Accepted.

Interviewer Over.

HR, Later to Senior Management: Good News sir, I got a candidate to Join for this Position. You have approved budget for that role was 15 LPA.

I saved 6 LPA

Sr. Boss. Great Job done. You will be awarded.

HR feels like they did a great job in salary negotiation and management will be happy they cut cost for the organisation.

The new employee starts and notices the pay disparity. Guess what happens? Dis-satisfaction. Dis-engagement. Mistrust.

Two months later, the employee leaves the organization for a better job. The recruitment process starts all over again. Leading to further costs and performance gaps within the team and organisation.

In order to attract and retain top talent, please pay people what they are worth..!!


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