A Standardized Protocol for Genomic DNA Isolation from the Species of Plumbago Linn.

Aswathy Ravindran1, Jyotsna Gayan2, Bandana Nabis Das3*
1P.G Student, Department of Botany, Hanidque Girls College, Guwahati Assam India
2Research Scholar, Institutional Biotech Hub, Handique Girls College, Guwahati Assam India
3Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Handique Girls College, Guwahati Assam India
 *Address for Correspondence: Dr. Bandana Nabis Das, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Hanidque Girls College, Guwahati Assam-781001, India

ABSTRACT- A good amount of DNA can be extracted from the species of Plumbago Linn. by following the standardized and modified protocol. The DNA isolated was quantified using a spectrophotometer at the absorbance of λ260 nm and λ280 nm.  Both the species given the best result with a DNA yield of 23.8µg/µl and 0.895µg/µl in Plumbago zeylanica and Plumbago indica respectively and produced a clear band on the agarose gel. The estimation of purity of the obtained DNA was concluded by analyzing the ratio of λ260 nm/λ280 nm of the Genomic DNA which was 1.94 and 2.0 for P. zeylanica L. and P. indica L. respectively. These results are of high quality as it is in the range of 1.8-2.0 by the present optimized protocol.

Key-words- Genomic DNA standardized protocol plumbagin

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