Rising Incidence of Overweight and Obesity among Children and Adolescents in India

Deepa Shokeen1, Bani Tamber Aeri2*
1Senior Research Fellow, Department of Food and Nutrition, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi- 110016, India
2Assistant Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, Institute of Home Economics, University of      Delhi- 110016, India
 *Address for Correspondence: Dr. Bani Tamber Aeri, Asst. Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, F-4 Hauz Khas Enclave, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi- 110016, India
ABSTRACT- The rising incidence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents has become a cause of concern for India. Overweight/Obesity is an independent risk factor of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) but it needs to be addressed seriously. Research has shown that modifiable and environmental factors along with genetics triggers the risk of cardiovascular diseases quite early in childhood threatening the health prospects of adults. It is crucial to address the causes of overweight/obesity like physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, lack of knowledge and awareness and impact of media and advertising. Clustering of cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, abdominal obesity, high triglycerides in children and adolescents is an alarming sign. In order to dodge this serious public health crisis in near future we need to curb the prevailing risk factors of overweight/obesity. A holistic approach to tackle the obesity epidemic with an array of activities from policy making to program implementation, community education to individual knowledge and skill development is required. We need to promote healthy eating and lifestyle modifications in childhood and adolescents to prevent CVD risk in adulthood.

Key-words- Adolescents, Obesity, Overweight, Cardiovascular Diseases

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