Interview Questions: “Tell me about yourself”?

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1. “Tell me about yourself”?
This is one question that you are sure that you will likely be asked regardless of the position that 
you are applying for. This question can take different forms like; can I meet you? Who are you? 
Can we know you? You don’t need to be confused they all mean the same thing.
As simple as the question looks, it could also be very tricky. Be careful not to give unnecessary 
personal details about yourself. All the recruiter wants to know is who you are and how you fit 
into the role and the company’s vision and work environment.
Be careful to frame your response around what makes you the best fit for the role. You might be 
tempted to talk about all the good stuff, but you will need to keep it concise and relevant.
These statements will guide your response to the question;
• Talk about who you are professionally
• Highlight your competencies
• Talk about why you are here
For instance, if you are applying for the role of a customer service manager, then you can 
answer the question in response to the statements above;
Sample Answer
“I am an innovative customer service manager with 6 years of experience managing and 
monitoring all the aspect of the customer service function-from solving customer’s problems to 
ensuring customer retention to increasing sales. (Who you are)
I have spent 6 years developing my skills as a customer service manager. I have been able to 
attract recognition and several awards even national awards 3 times. I love solving customer 
problems and overseeing my team members do so too. (Competence highlights)
Even if I love my current position, I know that I am ready to take up a more challenging role in 
customer service, and that is why I am very excited about this position. (Why you are here)”
You can see that the answer responded to the three statements that we made earlier. You can 
use the statements to frame your own answer too.
Never give this kind of answer;
“My name is Daniel Peters, I am from Delta state, and I attended St. Johns primary school after 
which I went to Methodist Boys School. After my secondary education, I gained admission into 
the University of Lagos. I am from a family of 6, my parents are very poor, and so I need this job 
so that I can take care of my siblings …”.

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