Interview Questions: What are your strengths?

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What are your strengths?

This question could be really confusing and hard to crack most times because you are asked to 
talk about your strong points. It is quite normal for you to feel awkward talking about your 
strengths without bragging.
Well, to answer this question effectively, you will have to follow some of this formula;
• Assess your hard skills
• Assess your transferable skills
• Assess your personal traits
When you are assessing these skills, make sure they are closely related and relevant to the 
position that you are applying for. When you are answering this question, try and stay away 
from personal qualities and concentrate more on professional traits.
As simple as the question looks, it is also very possible for you to mess the whole interview up 
especially if you have not taken out the time to discover yourself to know your strengths, and 
how to properly communicate them to the recruiter.
You should also be able to accurately choose strengths that will help you perform the task well if 
you are offered the job. It means that you should not have a one fits all answer to this question.
When answering this question, remember that the recruiter is looking for a good fit, and at the 
same time trying to form a picture of you based on your response, and make sure your 
strengths are real strengths that will add value to the company. See sample answer to help 
frame your answer;
Sample Answer
If you are applying for the position of a customer service manager, this is what your response 
will look like:
“My strength is my patience to solving problems (Assess your hard skills).
My current position as a customer service manager, I was patient (Personal trait) enough to 
turn a toxic work environment to a positive one, and created a motivating environment where 
everyone can work comfortably.
I also feel that my communication skills (transferable skills) are top-level because I relate with 
senior executives on the same basis that I relate with junior staff members.”
This answers the question well to a large extent because the answer highlights the strengths 
that are relevant to that particular position. The candidate did not give a well-rehearsed answer 
but also gave a real-life instance that makes it more detailed

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